Home remedies for long and strong hair

No matter your gender, having good hair with a smooth texture, shiny and silk-like hair is a dream of every individual. Hairs have an influential role in our physical appearance. If you have long shiny hairs with gentleness, smoothness, and shine, your confidence and personality enhance several times.

Present every 4 out of 5 individuals face the problem of hair fall and hair damage. The main reason for this is the polluted environment. Our hairs are exposed to a polluted environment for approximately every second of our day. It can rarely be seen when we have our heads wholly tied up or covered. The contaminants and the suspended particles from the air settle into our hairs, making them a week and more prone to hair breaking and hair fall.

home remedies for long hair

Another majorly responsible for the damage caused to our hairs is excessive chemicals, heavy heating, rough care, and exposure to wild styling. The secret of healthy hairs is to let your hairs sundry after wash, and do not apply heavy heated equipment or any chemical products; Also, it is better if you avoid expensive chemical hair treatments such as keratin treatment, smoothening, permanent straightening, permanent proms, coloring, hair dying, etc. These treatments are costly as well as they destroy your natural hair completely. Therefore here are some essential home remedies that will for sure help you out.


Ensure that you oil your hairs every two days and wash them with a mild shampoo the next day. The best oils to promote hair growth are coconut oil. For better results, you can also customize your hair at home by adding a 1/4th portion of castor oil along with a few drops of onion oil. Castor oil and onion oil are highly recommended oils for good hair growth and healthy hair. Oiling provides moisture to your hairs along it nourishes your hair and does not get rough and dry. You must oil your hair at least twice a week. Please apply oil and give your scalp a good massage during the nighttime, and later in the following day, wash your hair. This way, you do not let the outside dust stick to your inches due to oil.

You can prepare different hair masks for keeping your hair healthy. For example, the egg white mask, the onion mask, curd-milk wash, etc.

  1. For the Egg White mask, you just need egg white, separate the white portion of the two eggs and then add a half bowl of curd to it. Egg white is a rich source of protein that promotes hair growth and strengthens them, while the curd is also a good source of protein and vitamin C that gives your scalp coolness. This is also the best remedy for curing dandruff and itchy scalp.
  2. For the onion mask, you need to grate 2 medium size onions either using a grater or using a mixer. Then squeeze out the onion juice from the grated onions. You can add the onion juice with either plain water or you can squeeze half lemon. Onion is full of antioxidants, and lemon is a good source of vitamin c. This combination makes your hair smooth, shiny, and silky just after your first use. For best results, you can try with every week.
  3. For coconut milk massage, you have to grate the fresh coconut that consists of water (not green coconut). The white flesh of the coconut needs to be grated or churned into a very fine paste. You can then apply this fine paste all over your hair roots. Coconut is one of the best products for hair care.

Diet plays a vital role in maintaining your health. Healthy hairs can be achieved by taking a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and especially protein. A balanced diet is very essential for your skin, your hair, and your health, with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, your body produces the right amount of energy for the functioning of your body organs. If you eat healthily, you always remain healthy. Taking a diet that has a good amount of citrus fruits, other fresh fruits, and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, carbohydrates, fibers, etc., makes you healthy and your body active.

Under a study, it was found that villages where people with the longest hairs are found using a special technique of hair care. This research work gave rise to the trend of rice hair products. Soak the grains of rice for about 24 hrs. and then churn your rice. After that, you can squeeze or strain out the granules of rice. The protected rice water is obtained. Now use this water to wash your hair about thrice a week. This technique is beneficial for the healthy hairs that you desire to own.

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