Concealer Hacks That Will Hide Your Dark Circles

You will be happy to know that there are easy and guaranteed ways to hide your tired bags if you wake up every morning with some extreme blemishes under your eyes. There are all sorts of concealer hacks that will hide your dark circles and will turn around even the most tired of mornings. No longer you will have to keep your eyes closed as cucumbers soothe them.

Every makeup enthusiast’s kit needs a concealer. You can hide your dark circles as well as your dark circles, pigmentation, and pimples with this magical multi-tasking product. We have listed the amazing hacks so that you can use concealer if you don’t know how.

Let’s have a look to these amazing concealer hacks that will hide your dark circles.

1. Anti-Cake Approach

Anti-Cake Approach

Although it may seem intuitive to apply as much concealer around your eyes as possible, this can sometimes backfire. This area is more delicate than other areas so it’s best to use less makeup and a lighter hand. The skin below your eyes is thinner and more susceptible to drying. Therefore, thick concealers can make your under eyes look more tired. Instead of using thick strokes and heavy formulas, apply a concealer brush with minimal product. Continue to blend the product in feathery strokes, without adding more.

2. Pick Right Concealer

Pick Right Concealer

Be careful with the concealer you choose. You may have picked the right shade however you may have made a mistake with the formula. If you have a dry skin, applying a dry concealer or a concealer stick may not be such a good idea and cream of liquid-based concealer cannot do the job well for oily skin.

3. Layer two different Concealers

Layer two different Concealers

You can conceal this trouble zone by using multiple textures, especially if your eyes are dark and deep. Start by using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin. This hydrating cream plumps and smooths the undereye and creates elasticity to prevent it from cracking. Apply a soft matte concealer to your skin tone. Target the hollowest area of ​​the undereye as this is where the color is deepest.

4. Color Correct With Warm Toned Tinted Moisturizer

Color Correct With Warm Toned Tinted Moisturizer

Color correcting concealers can be tricky to use. These concealers can lead to a cakey, heavy, or oddly tinted look. Instead of reaching for the yellow or peachy concealer, use a sheer, warm-toned tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Apply dark circles with your hands, making a triangle shape under the eyes. Apply a cream concealer using a beauty blender to the skin and rub it in for natural illumination.

5. Wait To Blend Your Concealer

Wait To Blend Your Concealer

Apply your concealer and bb cream to the top of your foundation. Blend them together gently. She suggests that you can use a beauty blender and apply the foundation directly to the areas of your under eyes that need extra help. This provides excellent coverage and brightness for the under eyes without making your face look completely different.

6. Enjoy the Power of Pearl Pigments

Enjoy the Power of Pearl Pigments

For a little extra oomph, try blending a creamy concealer and your favorite highlighter. You can use it as a liquid, powder, or loose pigment. Self-mixing is a great option because you have full control over how much shimmer and what color it has. This is how you can create your own illuminating concealer. It will lighten the skin and make it appear brighter. You can use this new concealer wherever your skin is dull or needs some brightening.

7. Don’t Rub The Conceal In

Don't Rub The Conceal In

If you wish to apply concealer well, pat it instead of rub it. Patting ensures you are getting the fullest possible coverage. When you rub it in, you are essentially pulling it apart by sheering it out again. This is particularly true for cream formulas. You can apply brush or blender to dab it and blend it with your skin.

8. You Might Need To Skip The Setting

Frequent times people set their makeup with a loose powder, you require to pay attention to your skin before determining to do that. Sometimes, setting products bring more attention to our under eyes because of their creasing. It is dependent of the product you opt and the kind of skin you have when determining whether or not to set your concealer with powder. Oily skinned girls usually do not leave the house without setting their makeup with powder, for fear of it melting off by noon. However if you are a dry skin type, do not apply powder as it can look cakey or even dry.

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