57 Sweet and Sour Lemon Puns That’ll Make You Laugh

This blog post is all about funny lemon puns and jokes.

Don’t you just love a good lemon pun? Or do they give you a bitter taste in your mouth? We love a good lemon pun here or there, especially in the pre-wedding space. There is a whole bridal shower theme that centers around lemons, but more on that later.

Today we are here to tell you some funny lemon puns for citrus lovers. If you love food puns, fruit puns or juice puns then keep scrolling.

Lemon jokes are bitter and sour, but on the other hand, they could be refreshing and bright. I guess it all depends on the day and how much you like lemons.

lemon puns and jokes

Funny Lemon Puns for Citrus Lovers

Here are some refreshinhg lemon puns for your next birthday, bridal shower or social event. These sayings could be used for signage or they make some intersting social media captions.

1 Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

2. Citrus got real.

3. You’re my main squeeze.

4. She found her main squeeze.

5. Don’t be bitter.

6. “Everything sucks!” said the bitter lemon.

7. Juice be you.

8. You’re the zest!

9. Squeeze the day!

10. Don’t get me tarted!

11. In a citrus relationship

12. Juice be cool

13. Arguably, lemon jokes are the zest, although often citrusized.

14. OMG citrusly?

15. Citrusly cool.

16. You’re citrus the best! Better than all the zest!

17. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!

18. When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people’s eyes.

19. When life throws you lemons, be Beyonce.

20. If you want me, then squeeze me.

21. Be your zest self.

22. You’re the best lemom!

23. Slightly bitter.

Here are some more festive lemon and lemonade puns that are full of zest.

If you are feeling zesty then here are some jokes you could tell to lemons of all ages. They are sure to chuckle at a few of these jokes and puns if they are a fan on lemon

24. How did the lemon change up her style? She got lemonade braids.

25. Who is the lemon’s favorite author? Lemony Snickett

26. What do you get when you ask a lemon for help? Lemon-aid!

27. “Why do lemons always apply sun lotion because they peel all the time.

28. What did the organic lemon say about the genetically modified lemon? Those are totally fake zests!

29. What did the lemon say to the orange? Sour you doing?

30. What do your get when you cross a cat and a lemon? A sour puss.

31. What did the doctor prescribe to the sick lemon? Lemon-aid

32. A lemon visited the doctor because of a sour stomach.

33. What did the lemon say when they had to get by. “ex-squeeze me.”

34. Why did the lemon stop rolling down the hill? Because it ran out of juice.

35. Lemon failed her driving test. She kept peeling out.

36. Why is lemon feeling down? because she lost her zest.

37. Why was the lemon by itself? Because the banana split.

38. What did the orange call his wife? Honey Lemon.

39. What did the teacher tell the lemons when they misbehave? You have to do bitter next time.

40. How long did it take for the lemon to form its zest? A couple sours.

41. My friend lost his job at the lemon factory. Because he couldn’t concentrate.

lemon puns

42. When gives you lemons, grab salt and tequila.

43. Who is the lemon’s favorite Beetle? John Lemon.

44. Who goes out on a date with sour grapes? Liz Lemon

45. What did the optimist say to the sour lemon? Life is sweet!

46. ​​Why was the car salesman arrested? For selling lemons.

47. Why do lemons wear suntan lotion? Because they peel.

48. How did the lemon look for her date? Very Zesty!

49. What happened after the lemons got married? They made lemon drops.

50. Every day is a fresh start.

51. Make everyday be the zest.

52. Where troubles melt like lemon drops.

53. Live life with zest.

54. When life gets sour, sweeten it with kindness

55. Life is short, make it sweet

56. Life would be sour without you.

57. Lemon tell ya… I love you so much

58. Where did the grapefruit get her joggers? Lululemon.


We hope you enjoyed our ultimate list of lemon puns. Be sure to share some of these with other lemon lovers and share our graphics to Pinterest. If you are into avocado puns, then we have a fun list for you here.


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